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EyeLash Extensions Service in Ludhiana
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EyeLash Extensions Service in Ludhiana

Eyelash extensions are type of semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your eyelashes and make your eyelash fringe look lengthier and darker. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each of your eyelashes using a semi-permanent glue. The material can vary from studio to studio, but eyelash extensions can be made of synthetic, mink, faux mink, or silk fibers. Most studios/parlours offer a variety of extension lengths, curl patterns, and tints so clients can customize their looks accordingly.

At Aastha Beauty Clinic, we are active in catching up with Indian customers to benefit you withinternational beauty looks. A visit to our well equippedclinic will remove the need for adorning falsies. Eyelash extension in Ludhiana is very easy now and are perfect for those who already have lot of lashes, but they need eyelashes extensions.


After eyelash extension is done, do not get lashes wet for 24 hours:
•    Avoid running water directly on your Eyelashe. 
•    Do not rub your eyes Only use water-based mascara (optional) If applying mascara do so from middle to tip, avoid root area Use water-based eye makeup remover 
•    Do not perm your lashes Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler 
•    Do not pull on your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely) 
•    To extend the life of your Eyelashes, come in for a touchup every 2-3 weeks at Eyelash Extension Service in Ludhiana at Aastha Beauty Clinic. 

Eyelash Extension are high in demand these days. For Eyelash Extension Service in Ludhian atAastha Beauty Clinic, we have trained skills in this field and we offer eyelash extension service in Ludhiana at a very affordable price as well.