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Acne( Introduction)

Acne Facts: Acne Is The Most Common Skin Disorder. It Affects Nearly 100% Of All Teenagers Of Which, More Than 40% Will Require The Help Of A Physician To Manage It. It Typically Occurs During Our Early Teens. However, Adults Can Develop Acne As Well. Acne Can Be Very Short-lived, Lasting One To Two Years Or, In Some Cases, It Can Last Up To 20 Years. Acne Is Not Caused By Certain Foods (e.g. Chocolate), Poor Hygiene Or Stress. There Are Several Factors Involved, Each Of Which Must Be Addressed During Treatment. There Are Several Factors That Result In The Development Of Acne.

However, To Fully Understand How It Is Managed, It Is Important To Understand The Anatomy Of The Hair Follicle. All Of The Hair On Our Body Grows From A Hair Follicle And Each Hair Follicle Has One Or More Sebaceous Glands (oil Glands) Which Are Responsible For Naturally Moisturizing The Hair And Skin. The Inner Lining Of The Hair Follicle Produces A Waxy Protein Called Keratin.

The Amount Of Keratin Produced Is Directly Proportionate To The Amount Of Oil Being Secreted. On The Surface Of The Skin There Is A Bacteria Known As P. Acnes. This Bacterium Typically Isn't Harmful, But It Feeds On And Multiplies In The Oil Secreted From The Oil Glands. This Skin Condition Is Usually Triggered By Hormones. During Our Teenage Years, Males And Females Begin To Produce More Androgen Hormones. These Hormones Cause The Oil Glands To Secrete More Oil And Subsequently More Keratin. Too Much Keratin Can Block The Opening Of The Hair Follicle, Causing Oil To Build Up, The Hair Follicle To Swell, And The Acne Lesion To Become More Inflamed.

Symptoms Of Acne

Acne Commonly Appears On The Face. Nevertheless, It Can Also Affect Shoulders, Chest And Other Parts Ofthe Body. There Are Many Symptoms That Might Develop Into Acne. You Should Make A Note Of The Following Skin Changes As Symptoms:

  •          Blackheads
  •          Whiteheads
  •          Redness Around The Skin Eruptions
  •          Papules (small Red Bumps)
  •          Pustules
  •          Cysts & Nodules

Social Impact

Acne Is A Disease That Has Significant Social Implications. It Causes A Poor Body Image, Decrease In Self-confidence, Embarrassment, Depression, Anger And Frustration. All Of This Leads To Social Withdrawal. Unfortunately, Patients Who Suffer From Severe Cases Are Frequently Stereotyped As Having Poor Hygiene, Which May Result In A Loss Of Friends Or Even Unemployment.

Risk Of Developing Acne

It’s Obvious That The Hormonal Changes In The Teenage Act As The Chief Cause Of Acne. Still, Based On The Studies, The People Who Are At The Risk Of Developing Acne Include

  •          Girls Or Women Nearing Their Menstrual Cycle
  •          Women Expecting Child
  •          People Who Use Variety Of Cosmetic Products
  •          People Using Certain Medications That Trigger Acne
  •          Someone Who Is Suffering From Stress



At Aastha ‘s  We Start The Treatment With Consultation Of Our Qualified Experts And Renowned Team With A Live Skin Scan By Latest German Technology For Diagnose To  problem From Depth Of The Skin And  For Choose The  right Treatment For Your Problem.

We Focus On Delivering Permanent Solution Of Your Problem.

We Provide Skin Services On Three Aspects -  LATEST MODERN Medical  SCIENCE ,advance Aesthetic Laser Technology,and Cosmetic Science With The Help Of Diets Advice And Stress Management Tips Also.

Our Unique Treatment Procedures Are Designed And Researched By The World Renowed And Experienced Team Of Experts In The Field Of Dermatology,aesthetic Medicine,aesthetic Laser,endocrinology, Gynaecology And Dietician Under One Roof.     We Have Been Providing  our Skin & Aesthetic Laser Services For Last 15 Years ,and Have Delivered Successful Results To  thousands Of Customers Across The World .

Our Customer List Is Huge And It Comprises Of Celebrities /Doctors/Scientists/Teachers & Professionals, Bureaucrats/Police Officers,ministers And Polititians Etc.

Acne Treatment At Aastha’s

With A Group Of Specialized Doctors, Aastha’s Offers Various Methods Of Acne Treatment. Here, The Treatment Offered To You Aims At Reducing The Skin Inflammation, Preventing The Bacterial Infection, And Increasing The Rate Of Skin Cell Turnover. Altogether, These Implementations Result In A Successful Treatment Of Acne.

Aastha’s Cares For You

When You Arrive At Aastha’s For Acne Treatment, We Do Everything To Ensure That You Have Made A Wise Selection. Aastha’s Has The Group Of Renowned And Certified EXPERTS. Our Panel Of Experts Is Well-trained To Perform Various Procedures For Acne Treatment.

We Believe In The Quality Of Treatment Along With A Personalized Approach. The Specialist Attending To Your Problems Will Carefully Judge Your Skin Type And Sensitivity Level. As Per The Results, The Best-suited Acne Treatment Method Is Selected For You To Achieve The Optimal Result. Getting Back Your Even-toned Face Is Possible With Aastha’s.


Other Types Of Acne

Back Acne

While ‘bacne’ Isn’t A Word You’ll Find In The Dictionary, If You’ve Got It You Know The Term. It Refers To Back Acne, Those Annoying Acne Outbreaks On Your Back. Back Acne Usually First Appears During Puberty And Is Often Outgrown By Your Early Twenties, But Can, Unfortunately, Persist Beyond These Years.

So What’s The Deal With Back Acne? Well, Your Back Is A Very Large Area Of Skin, And That Means It’s Also A Very Large Area Of Oil Secretions. Your Back Pores Become Clogged With Skin Cells And The Oil Is Unable To Escape As Normal. This Causes Inflammation That Becomes Back Acne.

Back Acne Can Also Be Triggered When Heat And Sweat Is Trapped Against The Body, And When Your Skin Is Irritated By Friction. If You’re Frequently Wearing Athletic Equipment, Tight-fitting Clothing, Backpacks Or Anything Similar, You Might Be Prone To Bacne.

Back Acne Can Be Stubborn To Get Rid Of And If Left Unchecked, Some People May Get Cysts That Can Lead To Scarring.  Thankfully, There Are Many Treatments Available. As With Most Acne Conditions, The Best Approach Is To Find A Skin Care Routine That Works Well For You – And Then Stick With It.  If Your Acne Doesn’t Start To Improve Within A Few Weeks, You Should Speak To Your Expert About Other Treatment Options.

Hormones & Acne

Hormones Are The Main Culprits In acne Production. When Puberty Hits, You Begin To Produce Androgens, “male Sex Hormones” That Are Present In Both Males And Females. Androgens Trigger Your Sebaceous Glands To Produce An Overabundance Of Oil, Especially On Your Face, Chest And Back, Which Is Why These Areas Are “hot Spots” For Breakouts. All The Extra Oil Mixes With Dead Skin Cells, Causing Clogged Pores And Starting The Cycle Of Pimple Formation.

Your Androgen Levels Can Also Be Affected By stress. That’s Because When You Go Through Periods Of Anxiety—finals Week, A Fight With Your Best Friend, And The General Stress Of High School—your Body Releases Higher Levels Of A “survival Hormone” Called Cortisol. The Side Effects Of Cortisol Include Increased Androgen Production, Which Means More Oil Production And Inflammation.

Where Androgens Are Concerned, Males Generally Produce More Of The Hormones Than Females, Which Is Why teen Boys also Tend To Suffer More Severe And Longer-lasting Breakouts. Teen Girls, On The Other Hand, Are Often Affected By A Spike In Androgen Levels During Certain Points In Their Menstrual Cycle. Many Will Notice That Their Acne Worsens A Few Days Before Their Periods Start, When Androgen Levels Are At Their Highest.

No Matter The Reason—puberty, Stress, Your Menstrual Cycle—hormonal Acne Can Be Controlled. Learning How To De-stress And Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Can Go A Long Way, While The Consistent Use Of Proven Acne Medicines Can Help You Get Your Skin Under Control Once And For All.

.At AASTHA ‘S  We Have World’s  Best  Hormone Specialists Team  Who   Give You The Right And Effective Advice Simultaneously With The Aesthetic Laser And Cosmetic Treatment  To Cure Your Problem From The Depth. That’s Only Way To Get Rid From Your Acne Problem Permanenly.

Hormonal Acne:Women Need To Know

For Something That’s So Common, Acne Can Be Very Mysterious. According To The American Academy Of Dermatology, “The Majority Of Women With Acne Have Normal Androgen Levels.” You’ll Often Hear That Elevated Levels Of Androgens (the “male Hormones”) Are What Lead To Adult Hormonal Acne Or Premenstrual Flare-ups..

Hormonal Acne:

We Recognized That Hormonal Acne Is Characteristically Along The Jawline And On The Chin And Neck, Sometimes Also The Chest And Back — In General, Places That Men Tend To Grow Hair But Women Do Not. Estrogen, For A Couple Of Different Reasons, May Help Guard Against Acne; Thus, When Hormones Fluctuate And Estrogen Levels Dip, Acne May Ensue. But That Sounds Simple, And Acne Is Not Simple.

For Women, Androgens Are Produced In Three Places: The Ovaries, The Adrenal Glands And The Skin Itself. Somewhere Along The Way, Your Body May Be Either Overproducing Or Overreacting To Androgens. And If This Is The Case, Your Acne May Be Resistant To Treatment.

Menstrual Acne Flare-ups

We Recognize That Nearly Half Of All Women Experience Acne Flare-ups During The Week Preceding Their Period. While Hormonal Acne Typically Begins Around Age 20–25, It Can Strike At Any Age, And Is Most Persistent In Women Over The Age Of 30. So What’s Going On?

Moreover In The Second Half Of The Cycle, When Estrogen Drops, Progesterone Takes Over To Prepare The Body For Pregnancy. Progesterone Can Cause Acne For A Couple Of Reasons: Along With Androgens, It Encourages The Production Of Sebum (oil). And In Addition To Breast Tenderness And Bloating, It Can Cause The Skin To Swell .

Pregnancy Acne

When You Become Pregnant, Your Hormones Go Full Throttle. Acne Can Be A Side Effect Of This Surge, Especially In The First Trimester. If You’ve Been Using An Acne Medication And Discover You Are Pregnant, Don’t Panic: For The Acne Treatments That Are Known To Cause Birth Defects Like Isotretinoin (commonly Known As Accutane) Or Spironolactone (an Androgen-receptor Blocker), You Will Either Be Required To Take Birth Control While On It Or Made Well Aware Before You Get Your Prescription.

SPCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) And Acne

PCOS Is A Hormonal Disorder That Is The Most Common Cause Of Infertility. Elevated Androgen Levels Disrupt The Normal Process Of Egg Maturation And Ovulation. Tiny Fluid-filled Sacs Called Follicles Or Cysts Fail To Break Open And Instead Collect From Cycle To Cycle. Acne Is Just One Common Symptom. Others Include Irregular Menstrual Cycles, Hirsutism (excessive Body Or Facial Hair) And Weight Gain. PCOS Is Thought To Be Genetic And May Also Be Related To Insulin Resistance. Treatment Consists Of Managing The Symptoms Including The Hormonal Therapies Discussed Below, Especially Spironolactone Since It Can Address Both Hirsutism And Acne.

Menopause Acne

Acne Is Not A Symptom Of Menopause, But It’s Not Unusual Either. In Perimenopause, Hormones Are Still Fluctuating And There May Even Be Estrogen Highs. But In Menopause, The Ovaries Stop Producing

Estrogen But Continue Producing Androgens (testosterone). Some Of The Testosterone May Be Converted Back Into Estrogen, But It Will Not Match The Levels You Had Before.

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