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What Is Laser Slimming?

Laser Slimming Is The New Concept .it Is Very Populler In Euorpe And West Countries It Is Safe And Very Result Oriented Treatment In Modern Science Which Has Been Introduced In India Now At Aastha’s Beauty Clinic..an (ISO 9001-2008 Certfied) Which Has Been The Pioneered Name For Bring Several Advance Techniques In India In Thefield Of Beauty And Laser Treatments..laser Slimming Has Been Done By Harmonic Ultrasound Liposuction Technique .which Is A New Technology For Breakdown Of The Fat Deposits.This Procedure Does Not Involve Invasive Surgery - There Is No Need For Anesthesia, Hospital Stay And No Down-time.

This Unique Cavitation Technology Provides A Non-invasive Method To Breakdown Stubborn Fat Deposits That Never Seems To Disappear No Matter What Your Diet Is Or How Hard You Exercise. The Most Problematic Body Areas Are Abdomen, Flanks (love Handles), Inner Thighs, Buttocks, Inner Knees, Under Chin And Upper Arm. Ultrasonic Slimming Machine Is The Latest Development, Combining Bipolar RF And Tripolar RF Technology. It Is Significantly More Effective For Fat Burning, Body Shaping, Skin Tightening And Cellulite Reduction

High-intensity Focused HarmonicU-S Beams

In HIFU Therapy,harmonic Us Beams Are Focused On Diseased Tissue, And Due To The Significant Energy Deposition At The Focus, Temperature Within The Tissue Can Rise To Levels From 65° To 85°C, Destroying The Diseased Tissue By Coagulation Necrosis. Higher Temperature Levels Are Typically Avoided To Prevent Boiling Of Liquids Inside The Tissue. Each Sonic Beam Theoretically Treats A Precisely Defined Portion Of The Targeted Tissue, Although In Practice Cold Spots (cause By, Among Other Things, Blood Perfusion In The Tissue), Beam Distortion, And Beam Mis-registration Are Impediments To Finely Controlled Treatments.

The Entire Therapeutic Target Is Treated By Moving The Applicator On Its Robotic Arm In Order To Juxtapose Multiple Shots, According To A Protocol Designed By The Physician. This Technology Can Achieve Precise Ablation Of Diseased Tissue, Therefore Is Sometimes Called HIFU Surgery. Because It Destroys The Diseased Tissue Non-invasively, It Is Also Known As "Non-invasive HIFU Surgery". Anesthesia Is Not Required, But Should Be Recommended. The Treatment Can Be Combined With Radiotherapy Or Chemotherapy.


What Is The Treatment Like?
HARMONIC U-S LIPOSUCTION Is A Newer, Non-invasive Surgical Technique Which Uses An Ultrasound Cavitation Machine Which Emits Ultrasonic Waves To Cause Breakdown In Fat Cells, While Leaving All Other Tissues Intact. It Is Selectively Target Fat Cells Only By Operating Only At A Specific, Narrow Band Of Frequency. Once The Fatty Cells Die Off, They Are Absorbed Into The Blood Stream And Excreted In Your Urine. What’s More, Cavitation Is 100% Outpatient, Barring Any Rare Complications. There Is 0 Recuperative Time, Other Than Following A Few Simple Rules. Treatment Starts With The Target Body Area And Continues With Circular Movements Of The Applicator Over The Treatment Site. Weekly Treatments Are Beneficial To Aid In Final Results. Treatment Duration For Each Target Area Can Vary From 20 To 30 Minutes Depending On The Size Of The Area And The Thickness Of The Fatty Tissue. Treatment Areas Are: Abdomen, Arms, Thighs, Flanks (love Handles), Back (fat Beneath The Buttocks).

How Does HARMONIC U-S Liposuction Work?
Cavitation Is A Natural Phenomenon Based On Low Frequency Harmonic Ultrasound. The HC Ultrasound Field Creates The Bubbles In The Liquid Which Gradually Grow And Implode At Certain Size. The Energy In The Form Of Heat And Pressure Is Released. As The Membranes Of Fat Cells Do Not Have The Structural Capacity To Withstand The Vibrations, The Effect Of Cavitation Easily And Selectively Breaks Them Down. The Cavitation Treatment Does Not Require Any Special Pre-treatment. It Starts With Circumference Measurement Of The Target Body Area, Continues With Circular Movements Of The Applicator Over The Treatment Site, And Is Finalized With Another Circumference Measurement. The Duration Of Treatment Session Can Vary From 20 To 30 Minutes Depending On The Size Of The Area And The Thickness Of The Fatty Tissue. 6 To 9 Sessions At 1 Week Intervals Are Recommended In Order To Achieve Noticeable Results. Further Treatments May Be Needed To Attain Your Desired Silhouette.

HARMONIC U-S Liposuction Work

The Treatment Does Not Require Anesthesia. Most Of The Clients Consider The Procedure Painless And Comfortable. There May Be A Slight Discomfort Due To The Specific Noise That Spreads Throughout Your Body Due To The Ultrasonic Treatment. This Poses No Physical Harm And Disappears As Soon As You Are Not In Contact With The Applicator. You May Also Experience Some Warmth During The Treatment. There Is A Slight Possibility Of Mild Redness, Excessive Thirst, And Nausea Immediately After The Treatment Which Always Resolves By Drinking Water. They Are All Short Term Effects That Will Disappear Within A Few Hours. Even Though The Studies Have Proven The Treatment Safe, The Cavitation Is Not Be Used On Clients With An Acute Illness, Comprised Liver Function, Severe Bleeding Tendencies, Pace Makers, Or During Pregnancy.

The Cavitation Treatment Yields Long-lasting Results. Most Of The Clients Experience Toning Effect After A Single Session With Increasing Results After Each Visit. The Results May Vary With Different Tissue Structure, Body Area, Age, Metabolism, And Medications. Proper Diet And Increased Physical Activity Will Certainly Improve Final Results. Benefits Of Treatment:
Improve Blood Circulation & Lymphatic System.
Promotes Elastic Effect To The Skin Texture Body Shaping And Tightening.
No Surgery / No Pain.
Remove Fat Cells Permanently.
Strengthen And Tightening Connective Tissue No Anesthesia.

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Benefits Of Treatment

Is Laser Slimming A Safe Procedure? -
Yes, It Is Safe, Comfortable, And Non-invasive Procedure With Virtually No Side Effects. It Does Not Require Anesthesia, Leaves No Scars And Does Not Require Any Post Treatment. The Ultrasound Energy Is Designed To Target Fatty Tissues Beneath The Skin Only, And Does Not Affect The Blood Vessels, Nerves And Connective Tissues.
• 2. Is The Procedure Painful? - No, The Treatment Is Painless. A Slight Tingling Sensation Or Very Slight Buzzing In The Ear May Sometimes Be Felt During The Treatment But This Is Not Uncomfortable. Some Heat Sensation May Also Be Felt During Treatment But No Pain. Any Slight Reddening Of The Skin, Which May Sometimes Develop During Or Soon After Treatment Quickly, Disappears.

Benefits Of Treatment

4. On Which Parts Of The Body Is The Treatment Most Beneficial? – Thighs (saddle Bags), Abdomen (love Handles), Hips (flanks), Buttock, Upper Arm I.e. The Areas Of Localized Fat. However It Cannot Be Applied To The Head, Neck, Chest, Back And Over Bony Areas.
5. How Long Is A Treatment Session? – Treatment Times May Vary Depending On The Area Being Treated But A Typical Session Will Last Between 45 Minutes To An Hour. This Includes The Preparation, Treatment And Post Treatment Procedures.

Benefits Of Treatment

6. Does It Work On Cellulite? - Yes, Low Frequency Harmonic Ultrasound (40kHz) Generally Works Well On Cellulite By Focusing The ‘cavitation Effect’ On The Superficial Fat Tissue. Best Results Are Obtained When The Ultrasound Is Applied In Conjunction With The ‘radio Frequency’ (RF) Treatment, Which Helps To Tighten And Tone The Skin. Cellulite Is The Appearance Of Dimpled Skin.
7. Where Are Fat Cells Stored? - Fat Is Stored Primarily As Triglycerides Inside Adipocytes Cells Located Between The Muscles And Skin. The Numbers Of Fat Cells Are The Same Regardless Of A Person’s Weight But The Size Of The Cells Can Vary Greatly.

Benefits Of Treatment

8. What Instant Result Can I Expect? - The Laser Slimming Treatment Will Often Yield Immediate Results, Which You Can Feel, Touch And See And It Can Be Long Lasting. Some Clients Can Experience Between 1 To 5 Cm. Of Circumference Reduction After A Single Session With Increasing Results After Subsequent Visits. However, More Significant Results Will Be Noticed After The Second And Third Treatment.
9. What Long-term Results Can I Expect With Laser Slimming? - You Can Achieve ‘volume Reduction’ Of Fatty Tissues And ‘toning Of The Body’. The Results Are Gradual Over A Number Of Weeks As Your Body Clears The Broken Down Fatty Tissues. It Is Not Uncommon To Achieve Up To 10 Cm Reduction By The End Of The Course Of Treatments. The Results Can Be Long Lasting Provided You Follow A Healthy Diet And Exercise Programme.However It Is Very Easy To Deposit Fat Again Into The Tissues If One Over-eats, Consumes Too Much Alcohol Or Doesn’t Exercise. Ultimately The Result May Vary Depending On The Individual’s Different Tissue Structure,treatment Area, Age, Metabolism, Medication, And Changes In Hormones.

Benefits Of Treatment

10. Can I Lose Weight With Laser Slimming? - Fat Cavitation Is Not A Treatment For Obesity Nor Is It A Weight Loss Procedure. Rather Is A Method For ‘reshaping’ And ‘toning’ The Body. It Is Particularly Intended To Reduce Localized Fat Tissues Which Are Resistant To Exercise Around The Abdomen (love Handles), Buttocks, And Thighs (saddle Bags), That Won’t Easily Go Away By Simple Dieting And Exercise.
11. Are There Any Side Effects With This Treatment? – There Are Virtually No Side Effects. However On Rare Occasions There May Be A Slight Possibility Of Mild Side Effects Such As Transient Redness, Excessive Thirst, Or Nausea Immediately After The Treatment, Which Is Invariably Resolved By Drinking Water. These Are All Short-term Effects That Disappear In A Few Hours.

Benefits Of Treatment

12. What Guidelines Should I Follow Pre-treatment And, Post Treatment? – Drink Plenty Of Water. Drinking Water Is A Necessary Part Of The Treatment To Facilitate The Elimination Of The Broken Down Fat. Maintain A Low Calorie Diet For A Few Days After The Treatment To Ensure That The Energy Released By The Treatment Is Properly Utilized And Metabolized By The Body. After The Treatment Patients Are Able To Return To Their Daily Activities As Usual.
13. How Many Sessions Are Required To Achieve The Desired Result? - Between 8 -12 Treatments Are Required. However You Should Begin To See Significant ‘results’ From The Third Session Onwards. The Body Takes About 72 Hours To Eliminate The Fat From Each Session Therefore We Recommend An Interval Of 1 Week Between Treatment Sessions.

Benefits Of Treatment

14. What Are The ‘contraindications’ With Laser Slimming? – Laser Slimming Treatment Is Not For Everybody. Even Though It Is A Safe And Painless Procedure, Nevertheless There Are Contraindications For Using Cavitation Devices For Treatment Of Localized Fat. Such Contraindications Will Depend On The Individual’s Medical History. Thus People With Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Heart Disease, Carrying A Pacemaker, Pregnancy, Lactation, Etc. Are Not Suitable Candidates For The Cavitation Treatment

Benefits Of Treatment

15. Are The Results Of Laser Slimming Similar To Liposuction? – The Laser Slimming Can Be Considered As A Treatment Alternative To Surgical Liposuction. Both Treatments Are Designed To Reduce Fatty Tissues. However, Liposuction Is ‘invasive’ While H-C Ultrasonic Cavitation Is Non-invasive