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Harsh Rays Of The Sun, Environmental Damage, Internal Stress And Disease All Make Skin The First Victim To Fall Prey To Aging. The Skin Begins To Thin Out And Loses Its Ability To Repair Itself With Age. As A Result You Becomes Prone To Fine Lines, Crow’s Feet, Laugh Lines Etc. Drooping Eyelids And A Sagging Jaw Line Make Things Worse. Apart From External Factors Like Sun’s Rays And Pollution, Skin Aging Is Sometimes Also Determined By The Inherited Genes. Some Of The Common Signs Of Ageing Are Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Thin Transparent Skin, Noticeable Loss Of Firmness In Facial/ Neck Muscles Causing Our Skin To Sag And Droop, Dry Skin That May Itch, Age Spots And Blotchy Complexion.

At Aastha’s Beauty Clinic We Have An Entire Range Of Specially Designed Services To Help You Reverse The Clock On Ageing Skin. We Use The Dermalage Plus That Gives You All-natural Option To Enhance Skin Tone. Dermalage Plus Uses Infra Red Light Energy And Radio Frequency Technology To Heat The Dermis Deep Beneath Your Skin’s Surface. Without Surgery, Recovery Time, Or Injections, Dermalage Plus Is An Ideal Solution For Skin Laxity. Clinicians Most Commonly Treat The Face, Neck And Abdomen, Achieving High Patient Satisfaction In 1 To 3 Treatment Sessions. Predictable And Virtually Pain-free, The Dermalage Plus Skin Renewal System Is A Revolutionary Approach To Skin Tightening And The Treatment Of Wrinkles.

Dermalage Plus Technique

Dermalage Plus Is Used For Dermal Skin Heating With Sparing Of The Epidermis Due To The Train Of Pulses With Each Pulse Width Shorter Than Skin Thermal Relaxation Time. This Will Result In Non Ablative Skin Tightening And Lifting Without The Necessity Of Cryogen Spray.

Who Can Be Treated? Since The Dermalage Plus Procedure Heats Tissue Under The Skin’s Surface, Patients Of Any Skin Type Or Age Can Be Treated.

Area Treated

What Area Can Be Treated? Face, Neck, Abdomen, Arms And After Slimming Treatment Areas Can Be Treated From Dermalage Plus.

How Many Sessions Does Required? This Is Depend On Area & Skin Structure. Mostly 6 To 8 Session Needed And Session Is Repeated Every Three Weeks Followed By Single Session After Every 6 To 8 Month As Required.


How Long Does A Session Last?
The Time Taken For A Session Depends On The Body Part Being Addressed. Normally A Session Take Fiteen To Twenty Minutes.

When Will The Effects Be Visible?
Usually Results Are Visible After 4 To 5 Sessions. This May Vary From Person To Person.

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    Your Journey With An In-depth In-clinic Treatment
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    Enhance Your Skin’s Beauty With Home Use Products

1. Dermalage Plus Technology: Proven In Clinical Studies To Improve Skin Texture And Laxity.
2. Gentle: Low Risk, Virtually Pain-free Wrinkle Removal That Is Easily Tolerated Without Anesthesia. Minimal Discomfort During Treatment.
3. No Downtime: Innovative Technology Bypasses The Epidermis Sp Patients Can Immediately Return To Normal Activities.
4. Rapid Treatment: A Typical Treatment Takes 15 Minute.

5. Wrinkle Reduction And Skin Firming.
6. Deep Dermal Heating With New Collagen Formation Over Time.
7. Can Be Used On All Skin Types Including Tanned Skin.
8. No Botox Injection, No Side Effects, No Lengthy Procedure. No Time Wastage, No Money Wastage, No Surgery, No Costly Products After Treatment.