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What Is Dandruff

Dandruff is The Shedding Of Dead skin Cells from The scalp. As Skin Cells Die, A Small Amount Of Flaking Is Normal; About 487,000 Cells/cm2 get Released Normally After Detergent Treatment. Some People, However, Experience An Unusually Large Amount Of Flaking Either chronically or As A Result Of Certain triggers, Up To 800,000 Cells/cm2, Which Can Also Be Accompanied By Redness And irritation.


Dandruff Is A Common Scalp Disorder Affecting Almost Half Of The Population At The Post-pubertal Age And Of Any Sex And Ethnicity. It Often Causes Itching. It Has Been Well Established

That keratinocytes play A Key Role In The Expression And Generation Of Immunological Reactions During Dandruff Formation. The Severity Of Dandruff May Fluctuate With Season As It Often Worsens In Winter. Dandruff Is Rare Before Puberty, Peaks In The Teens And Early Twenties, And Declines With Age Thereafter

What Causes Dandruff?

There Are Many Causes Of Dandruff.

Dry Skin: To Many Experts, This Is The Most Common Cause Of Dandruff. The Dandruff Flakes From Dry Skin Are Smaller In Size.

Missing Shampoo: Not Doing Shampoo At Frequent Intervals Can Let Dandruff Gather On Your Scalp.

Some Skin Conditions: Some Conditions Of The Skin Such As Eczema Or Psoriasis, Dry, Dead Skin Cells That Form Thick Scales Are Also The Causes Of Dandruff In Your Hair.

Contact Dermatitis: Sensitivity To Hair Products Is Also A Possible Cause Of Dandruff.

Signs Of Dandruff :

The Simplest Symptom Or The Sign Of Dandruff Is Dotted Flakes In Your Hair And On Your Shoulders. It May Be Oily Looking And Itchy Dead Skin Cells. Once You Notice These Flakes, Know That You Have Dandruff In Your Hair.

Dandruff: Who Are The Candidates ?

Dandruff Can Affect Anyone. Usually, It Affects Teenagers And Adults. According To A Research, Half Of The Adults Have The Dandruff Problem. From The Facts Above, You Can Determine the People Who Are At The Risk Of Dandruff:

No Shampoo: The People Who Do Not Shampoo Often, Are At The Risk Of Dandruff.

Dry Scalps: Those Who Have Dry Scalps Are Also At The Risk Of Dandruff.

Other Skin Disorders: People Who Are Suffering From Other Skin Disorders Like Eczema, Have The Risk Of Getting Dandruff.

Male Hormones: Some Experts Believe That Because Of Certain Male Hormones, Men Are More At The Risk Of Dandruff Than Women.

Why You Should Choose Aastha

Why You Should Choose Aastha’s  For Your Treatment?


At Aastha ‘s  We Start The Treatment With Consultation Of Our Qualified Experts And Renowned Team With A Live Hair Analysis Scan By Latest German Technology For Diagnose To  Problem From Depth Of The Hair Roots  And  For Choose The  Right Treatment For Your Problem.

We Focus On Delivering Permanent Solution Of Your Problem.

We Provide Skin Services On Three Aspects -  LATEST MODERN Medical  SCIENCE ,advance Aesthetic Laser Technology,and Cosmetic Science With The Help Of Diets Advice And Stress Management Tips Also.

Our Unique Treatment Procedures Are Designed And Researched By The World Renowed And Experienced Team Of Qualified  Experts In The Field Of Dermatology ,aesthetic Medicine ,aesthetic Laser,endocrinology, Gynaecology Plastic Suegery ,hair Transplant Surgery  And Dietician Under One Roof.


We Have Been Providing  Our  Services For Last 15 Years ,and Have Delivered Successful Results To  Thousands Of Customers Across The World .

Our Customer List Is Huge And It Comprises Of Celebrities /Doctors  / Scientists / Teachers & Professionals, Bureaucrats/Police Officers,Ministers And Politicians Etc.                                                      

Our Experts At Aastha’s Will Suggest You The Effective And Especially Designed Treatment & Home Care Serums And Oils  For Hairs Which Have Made  that Will Show Proven Results In A Short Time-period.

In Hair And Skin Treatment, Aastha’s Has Made A Noticeable Reputation. We Have Successfully Treated Many People With The Dandruff Problem. Our Experts Have Adequate Experience And Expertise To Deal The Dandruff Conditions Caused By Various Reasons.

You Can Book A Quick Appointment Easily With Aastha’s Through The Online Form Or Our Phone Numbers.

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