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Hydra Facial Treatment In Ludhiana
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The HD HydraFacial Is The New Advance In Non-laser Resurfacing Of The Skin With A Philosophy Of "Skin Health For Life." By Combining An Array Of Different Procedures, It Gives You A Complete Skin Solution For Maintenance Of Healthy Skin In One Comprehensive Procedure. It Integrates Many Individual Therapies Like Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Hydra-dermabrasion, Exfoliation, ULTRASOUND , Extraction Of Whiteheads And Blackheads, LED Light Therapy, Application Of Skin Boosters, And Nourishment Of Skin With Direct Delivery Of Hydrating, Antioxidant Serums Into A Single Relaxing Procedure.

This Comprehensive Procedure Helps You In Addressing Numerous Skin Issues, Including Clogged And Enlarged Skin Pores, Acne-prone Oily Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Brown Spots, Sun Damage, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles On Your Face.

It Is Suitable For Almost All Types Of Skin, Including Thin And Aging Skin, Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin As Well As Oily Skin. Starting Your Skin Maintenance Program With HydraFacial™ Well In Time, Helps You Slow Down The Aging Process Of Your Skin And Delay The Need For Invasive Procedures. No Wonder, It Has Become The World’s Most Trusted Medical Facial For Those Who Want To Achieve A Clearer, Smoother, Brighter, And Healthier Skin With No Downtime.



Q: What Is HydraFacial?

A:HD HydraFacial is The Latest Breakthrough In Aesthetic Medicine. It Is A Totally Non-invasive Medical Facial That Follows A Multi-step Treatment, Combining The Benefits Of Hydra-dermabrasion With Super-serums, A Gentle Chemical Peel, Automated Extraction Of Whiteheads And Blackheads Using Spiral Vortex Technology And A Special Delivery Of Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants And Mineral Peptides Amongst Other Soothing Agents Into The Skin Pores. All Of This Is Achieved In One Quick Treatment Giving You Real Results Without Any Irritation Or Downtime.

Q: Is HD  HydraFacial just For Hydration?

A: 'Intensive Hydration’ of The Skin After The Treatment Is Just One Of The End Results Of HD HydraFacial  treatment. The HD  HydraFacial treatment Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells, Gently Peels Off Top Layers, Extracts The Impurities From Our Pores While Simultaneously Infusing The Resurfaced-skin With Cleansing, Soothing, Hydrating And Anti-aging Serums.

It Also Effectively Addresses:

  • 'Dark Spots' That Appear With Sun Damage
  • Congested And Acne Prone Skin
  • Lines And Wrinkles That Appear With Age
  • Rosacea
  • Dull And Lacklustre Skin

Q: What Are The Real Benefits Of HD Hydra Facial ? What Results May Be Expected After The HD Hydra Facia Treatment? 

A: Hydration Is The Necessary Foundation For Healthy, Glowing, And Radiant Skin. But Our Skin Pores Routinely Get Clogged With Pollutants, Make-up Residue, And Dead Skin Cells. These Things Get Mixed With The Oily Sebum, Which Is A Natural Secretion And Develops Into Blackheads Or Whiteheads. As A Result, Our Skin Loses Its Suppleness And Becomes Irritable. Dry And Irritable Skin Is Much More Susceptible To The Effects Of Aging, And You Might Begin To Develop Signs Of Aging Much Earlier Than What Is Normal.

A Monthly HydraFacial Helps You Restore That Much-needed Moisture. Apart From 'intensive Hydration Of The Skin,' It Gives You A Multitude Of Other Benefits:

  • A Completely Resurfaced Skin
  • Improved Firmness And Elasticity
  • Reduction Of Dark Spots Leading To An Even Skin Tone
  • A Brighter Skin Tone
  • Smoothening Of Lines And Wrinkles
  • Tightening Of Open Pores
  • Treatment Of Puffiness By Drainage Of Lymphatic Fluid
  • A Well-nourished Skin

Each Step Is Performed With Unique Spiral Designed Disposable Tips, Which Are Equipped With “Vortex-Fusion Technology” That Creates A Powerful But Gentle Vacuum, Dislodging & Removing The Grime From The Skin Pores, Thoroughly Cleansing The Pores From Within & Simultaneously Introducing The Antioxidant Solutions For Hydrating Them. None Of The Regular "facials" Can Achieve This High Level Of Intensive Hydration – Which Is The Foundation Of Healthy & Radiant Skin. It Is Not Just A 'facial' But A Complete 'skin Healing System' Which Matches TheHD Hydra Facial philosophy Of "Skin Health For Life."


Q: Am I A Suitable Candidate For The HydraFacial™ Treatment?

A: HDHydraFacia Treatment Is Designed And Recommended For All Skin Types. Even The Very Sensitive Skin Can Easily Tolerate The HD HydraFacial Treatment. The Skin Care Professionals At AASTHA’s BEAUTY CLINIC  may Customize The Treatment With Special Serums To Suit Your Unique Skin Condition And Skin Type. 

Q: How Long Does The HydraFacial™ Treatment Take?

A: The Basic Four-step Treatment Takes About 30 Minutes, The Seven-step Treatment Takes About 45 Minutes While The Seven-step Platinum HydraFacial™ Treatment Takes A Little More Than One Hour.

Q: Is HD HydraFacial Treatment Painful?

A: There Is No Discomfort During The HD HydraFacial Treatment. It Is Often Described By Clients As A Feeling Like A "cool Paintbrush Is Moving Slowly Over The Skin Of Your Face." The Extractions Do Not Involve Any Pinching Or Tweezing And Are Gently Done By Its Patented Spiral Vortex Technology. You Can Put On Light Make-up Right After The Treatment And Return To Normal Daily Activities Immediately.

Q: Is  HDHydraFacial Good For Oily And Acne-prone Skin?

A: Absolutely Yes! Hydrafacial Helps To Keep The Excessive Oil Production In Check And Balance The PH Of The Skin. During The Treatment, After Exfoliating The Skin With Hydra-dermabrasion And Glycolic/salicylic Peel, Extractions Are Performed With A Vortex-suction Technology To Empty Out Your Clogged Pores. You Would Be Surprised To See How Painless And Comfortable Hydrafacial Extractions Are When Compared To The Manual And Messy Extractions Done At Other Skin Clinics And Parlors. At The End Of The Treatment, You Can Look At The Gunk-jar And See All The Debris That Has Been Emptied Out From Your Pores!

Q: How Many HD  HydraFacialtreatments Are Needed To See The Results? How Long Do The Results Last? 

A: Most People Report Seeing Visible Skin Improvement After Just One Treatment Session. Although You Would See An Instant Firmness And A Radiant Glow In The Skin, In Our Experience, It Takes Another 36-48 Hours To See The Peak Effects As The Skin Rejuvenates. The Resultant Radiance And Hydration Usually Last Up To 5 To 7 Days Or Even Longer. After That, The Results Begin To Fade, And By The End Of A Month, Your Pores Might Be Ready For Another 'spring Cleaning.' A Good Skin Care Routine Is, However, Essential To Maintain The Results Longer.

Every Individual Has A Unique Lifestyle And Skin Type That Determine The Amount Of Skin Care That One Needs. Therefore, A Comprehensive Skin And Lifestyle Evaluation Are Necessary To Decide On Your Goals And The Number Of Treatments Required.

We Usually Recommend A 'once A Month' HydraFacial Treatment To Receive The Maximum Benefit And Visibly Reduce Sun Spots, Pigmentation, Acne Breakouts, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles. If You Have More Corrective Skin Goals Or Are Preparing For Bridal Goals, We Might Recommend A Fortnightly Treatment For A Series Of 6 Treatments. At AASTHA’s BEAUTY CLINIC , Our EXPERTS DOCTORS Would Customize Your Treatment Plan Keeping Your Goals And Additional Procedures In Mind.

Q: Can I Go For A HydraFacial Treatment Before My Wedding Or Special Event?

A: Yes! At Your Initial APPOINTMENT AT AASTHA’, We Will Evaluate Your Lifestyle (sun-exposure, Screen Time, Pollutant Exposure, Make Up Routine, Etc.) And Your Skin Type. We Assess Your Skin With Reveal Imaging System And Chalk Out A Treatment Regimen That Will Provide The Best Results For You. It's Always Best To Prepare Ahead Of The Time To Ensure That You Have Enough Time If Multiple Treatment Series Are Recommended In Your Case. To Get That Super Bridal Glow, We Recommend That You Take At Least 4-6 Treatments Spaced 2-4 Weeks Apart.


HydraFacial Benefits


  1. Improves Overall Skin Tone.
  2. Improves The Texture And Appearance Of The Skin.
  3. Removes The Dirt, Debris And Bacteria
  4. Reduces Blackheads And Acne Formation.
  5. Allows Deep Cleansing And Hydration Of The Skin.
  6. Gives An Instant Glow And Radiance To The Skin.
  7. Improves Fine Lines And Wrinkle If Taken Regularly.