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Permanent Make-Up

Today In This Busy World With Hectic Work Schedules And Racy Life-styles, Nobody Really Has The Time For Anything Extra. Everyone Wants To Look Good And Well Groomed But Few Have The Time, Inclination, Artistic Caliber Or Aesthetic Sense To Do Their Make-up Well On A Daily Basis.

This Is Where The Role Of Permanent Cosmetic Make-up Becomes Prominent. It Is A State Of The Art Technique, Highly Effective And Economical And Takes Care Of All Your Special Beauty Requirements. Aastha's Beauty Clinic Offers Permanent Beauty Solutions For:- Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement. Permanent Lip Liner And Lipstick. Permanent Beauty Spot. Permanent Colouring Of Leucoderma Patches.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

What Exactly Is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup? Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Is An Advanced Cosmetic Technique Where Certain Tiny Pigments Are Implanted Into The Dermal Layer Of The Skin. So It Cannot Be Washed With Any Kind Of Cleansing Process.

How Is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Done? Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Is Applied Using Special Machines By Which Color Pigments Are Implanted Into The Skin. Before This, The Client Is Counseled About The Permanency Of This Procedure And Using A Pencil The Shape Of The Eyebrow, Lip Liner Or Beauty Spot Etc. Is Drawn, Only When This Is Approved By The Client The Color Pigments Are Implanted Into The Skin.

Who Needs Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

Those Who Want Beautifully Shaped Eyebrows All Times Of Have Light And Thin Eyebrow And Want Them To Appear Darker Gaps Or Cuts In Their Browline Need Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement.
Women Who Cannot Apply Eye-liner Neatly, Women In A Hurry Who Find It A Hassle To Apply Eye-liner Everyday And Women Who Wear Contacts And Have Trouble Taking Lenses Off, Then Touching Up The Liner Again Should Go In For Permanent Eyeliner And Kaajal.
Those Wanting To Have Beauty Spots To Enhance Their Appear.
Those Who Have Dark Lips And Those With Thin Lips Who Want To Make Them Appear Fuller And More Attractive Can Go In For Lip Liner Or Full Lip Coloring.

Young And Old Alike, Everyone Who Wants To Enhance Their Look More Attractive.
Those Seeking To Camouflage Scars Caused Due To Burns, Surgery, Accident, Injuries And Leucoderma Or Those Wanting To Redefine Their Facial Features.
People With Allergies And Sensitive Skin, Can't Use Many Cosmetic Products Too Often And Those Who Have Impaired Vision Are Not Able To Apply Makeup Property. All These People Can Benefit From Permanent Make-up.

Semi Permanent Nail Art:

Those Who Want To Flaunt Exclusive Designs On Their Nails And Make Them Look More Attractive Without Having To Apply Nail Color Everyday Can Go In For Permanent Nail Art.

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