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Laser Mole Removal

At Aastha’s We Used Dermal Pulsed Laser Which Is Approved By The FDA For The Use On Children And Adults Successfully. Most Patients Do Not Require Anesthetic. Some Patients Have Indicated That Feel A Slight Tingling When The Laser Pulses, Or That The Laser Pulses, Or That The Laser Pulses Feels Like The Snap Of A Rubberband Against The Skin. The Laser Works By Sealing The Blood Vessels And Evaporating The Tissues They Remove.Therefore, This Eliminates The Cutting And Sutures On The Skin.

Scarring Is Often Reduced In Some Cases. After Laser Surgery, A Scab Is Formed Where Mole Was Previously A Slight Redness Will Be Evident After The Scab Is Gone And Will Disappear In Time. Get Laser Mole Removal, The Laser Light Will Target The Moles Pigment Effectively Breaking It Up. The Light Will Also Burn Away The Tab Layers At Your Skin, Depending On The Size At Your Mole, You May Need Multiple.


What Are Mole? Moles Are Overgrowths Of The Skin’s Pigment Cells (melanocytes). Almost All Of Us Have Them. Moles Are Not Normally Present At Birth But Appear In Childhood And Early Teenage Years. By The Age Of Fifteen Years Australian Children Have An Average Of More Than 50 Moles.

What Do Moles Look Like? Moles Are Generally Medium To Dark Brown In Colour Though They Range From Skin Colored To Black. The Majority Of Moles Are Flat, Relatively Even In Colour And Regular In Shape. Some Moles Are Raised And These Are Usually Soft To Touch And Lighter In Colour. Moles Need To Be Distinguished From Freckles Of The Kind That Occur On The Faces Of Red Headed And Fair Skinned Children Or On The Shoulders Following A Sunburn. Occasionally Moles May Develop A White Halo Around Them (halo Naevus) And Then Disappear; This Is A Natural Process And Generally Harmless.

Causes Moles

What Causes Moles? The Number Of Moles That Develop In An Individual Is Determined By Both Genetic (inherited) Factors And By Sun Exposure. Childhood And Early Teenage Years Are The Times When Sunlight Influences The Development Of New Moles Most Strongly. There Is No Evidence That Hormonal Factors (such As Puberty) Play A Role In Causing New Moles.

How Does Laser Mole Removal Work? TLaser Mole Removal Invovles Releasing Laser Light Energy To The Targeted Area. The Laser Light Energy Is Absorbed Only By The Pigment In The Skin. The Pigment Is Broken Up And Then "carried Away" By The Body And Absorbed During The Healing Process.


How Many Mole Removal Laser Treatments Are Required? Most Aging Spots, Sunspots And Flat Moles Can Be Removed With A Few Treatments. Repeat Treatments May Be Required For Certain Birthmarks And Moles (nevi) Due To The Depth Of Pigment. Most Patients Receive Around Three Laser Mole Removal Sessions.

What Happens After Laser Mole Treatment? Immediately After Treatment, The Area Usually Turns Darker. This Fades Very Quickly And The Mole Seems To "fall Off" After 4-7 Days. Makeup Can Be Worn The Same Day And Sunscreen Is Recommended For Six Weeks Following Treatment.

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Treatment Alternatives

Is Laser Mole Removal Really Safe? The IPL Laser Has Been Used Successfully For Years. The Risk Of Scarring Is Typically Less Than 1%. Are There Treatment Alternatives To Laser Mole Removal? Yes, (e.g. Liquid Nitrogen To Freeze The Mole, Cautery To Burn The Mole, Surgical Mole Removal, Mole Shaving) But None Are As Effective As Laser Mole Removal And The Risk Of Scarring Is Usually Greater. In Addition, They May Not Be Feasible To Diffuse Extensive Lesions (e.g. Nevi And Birthmarks).

Benefits Of Laser Mole Removal

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Mole Removal? There Are Many Cosmetic Benefits To Laser Mole Removal Including A Smoother And Cleaner Appearance Of Your Skin, No More Worrying About Cutting Or Bleeding Of The Mole During Shaving Or Exercise And Improved Self Esteem And Self-confidence.