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Non-Surgical Face Lifting

As Benefit Of Today Advanced Technologies, We Have First Time In History Option To Turn Clock Back, And Looks Younger. This Can Be Achieved With Cosmetic Procedure Called Face Lift. The Face Lift Can Be Performed By Surgery Or By Non-surgical Procedures. The Surgical Face List Involved Long Recovery Time And High Risk Of Compilations Some Times Including Death, And Results Are More Dramatic. Non-surgical Face Lift Are More Conservative And Gradual, With Short Or No Recovery Time, Very Low Risk Of Complications But Requires Multiple Treatments In Order To Achieve Long Lasting Results.

Aastha’s Beauty Clinic Is Specialized In Offering Non-surgical Face Lift That Incorporate Today Latest Technologies With Proven Results That Are FDA Approved And 100% Safe. There Is West Varieties Of Different Technologies That Offers Parts Of Non-surgical Face Lift Puzzles. Aastha’s Beauty Clinic Has Thoroughly Reviewed And Studied All Of Today Major Non-surgical Procedures And Chooses The Best And Proven Procedure That Working Together As Complementary To Each Other In A Goal Of Achieving Most Optimal Results In Shortest Period Of Time. Aastha’s Beauty Clinic Toronto Non-surgical Face Lift And Rejuvenation Philosophy Is Based On - Skin Takes What Skin Needs. Which Mean That Client With More Problems Will Benefit The Most.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting

As Each Individual Have Unique Need, We Will Suggest Package That Will Suit Best Client Condition. The Safety Is Our Primarily Objective, Therefore We Use Only FDA Approved Equipments And Procedures. All Aastha’s Beauty Clinic Lasers Are The Best In Class That Have Years Of Comprehensive Study And Research Accompany With Canada And US FDA Certificate. In General Aastha’s Beauty Clinic Have Develop Procedure That Will Erase One Year Per Treatment Up To 10 Years.

What Is Non Surgical Face Lift?
A Non-surgical Face Lift Is A Viable And Cost-efficient Means To Enhance The Physical Appearance Of The Facial Area. A Non-surgical Face Lift Can Reduce The Appearance Of Your Fine Lines, Age Spots And Wrinkles And Boost The Overall Appearance Of Your Face. Non-surgical Face Lift Procedures Are Less Expensive And Require A Match Shorter Recovery Time Than The Surgical Alternative.


Who Is Good Candidate For Non Surgical Face Lift?
Non-surgical Face Lift Methods May Be Better Suited For Men And Women Who Have Minor Skin Imperfections That They Wish To Cosmetically Correct. Most Of Our Non-surgical Facelift Patients Are Not Ready For Surgical Procedure Because Of Recovery Time Or Medical Limitations. Non-surgical Face Lift Results, As A General Rule, Tend To Last For A Shorter Period Of Time Than Surgical Results But Have Much Shorter Recovery Time And Significantly Lower Risk Of Post Treatment Complications.

Are These Treatments Safe?
Aastha's Beauty Clinic Exclusively Use ONLY FDA Approved Equipment And Procedure That Have Perfect Safety Records. Be Aware That Some Clinics Lately Tend To Use Cheap Chinese Equipment That Didn't Achieve FDA Approval.
Are They Painful?
Most Of Our Non-surgical Facelift Treatments Are Painless Like LumiLift Or PCA Chemical Peels.


What Should I Expect After Treatment?

Its Depends Of Individual Treatment Package But In General, You Can Receive A Treatment And Go Back To Work Or To Other Activities Without Any Recovery Time. Expect Tighter, Firmer Skin And A Softer Smoother Complexion.

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