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Q:-What Is Reshape Fat Cavitation ?

Ans:- Reshape Fat Cavitation Also Called Ultrasonic FAT Cavitation Or Ultrasonic Slimming Is A Recent Fat Removal Technique That Has Truly Revolutionized The Industry. The Procedure, Developed And Perfected In Europe, Is Non-invasive, Involves Noaesthesia,no Hospital Stays And Therefore No Time Off From Work! The Results Are Visible Immediately And The Treatment Continues To Carry Out Further Additional Fat Reduction Within The Week Following The Procedure. Ultrasonic Cavitation Utilizes A Unique Ultrasonic Waves Technology Which Enables Non-invasive Removal Of Stubborn Fat Deposits Which Often Accumulate Over Years And Simply Do Not Seem To Respond To Diets Or Workouts.

Your Body Can Now Be Reshaped With No Anaesthesia, No Scars, And No Down-time


Q:- How Its Work ?

A:-Reshape Treatment Is Specifically Meant To Target Localized Fat Deposits To Reduce The Body Circumference For Achieving Effective Body Contouring. Areas Which Have Been Identified For Fat Reduction , Such As The Buttocks, Love Handles, Etc Are Treated Safely Under The Procedure. The Technique Involves The Usage Of A Hand-held Device That Emits Ultrasonic Waves Which Penetrate The Epidermis And Dermis To Reach The Subcutaneous Fat, Which In Turn Gets Emulsified. This Fat Is Then Carried To The Liver Through The Body’s Normal Metabolism. In A Way, The Effect This Procedure Has On The Body Is Similar To Lipolysis, Facilitated By Local Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy.


Q:- What Is Reshape Fat Cavitation?

Ans:- Ultrasound Liposuction Or Ultrasonic Cavitation Is A Revolutionary New European Fat Removal Technique Which Uses Ultrasound Waves Targeted At Specific Body Areas To Melt The Excess Fat Into Fatty Acids Safely And Allow Them To Be Processed Normally Through The Body’s Metabolism.


Q:- How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Ans:-The Treatment Results Are Actually Instantaneous, Becoming Visible After Just One Session. Typically, These Can Vary From 4-14cm After Session Number One. Factors That Contribute To Varying Degrees Are Your Body Mass And Size And How Much Excess Fat You Have To Lose. Optimum Results Are Best Achieved In 5 To 10 Sessions, And We Have Special Offer Packages For This Number.


Q:- Is This A New Technology?

Ans:- Reshape Fat Cavitation Is Indeed A Very New Technology. However, It Is Based On Many Years Of Application Of Safe Ultrasound Practice In Medicine And The Technique Has Just Been Enhanced And Perfected To Target Fat Cells More Effectively In Specific Areas Of The Body. Our Machines Are The Latest Available Models In The Country, To Ensure Optimum Results. The Equipment’s Special Ultrasound Frequency Unique To Our Machines, And The Power And Reliabilities Of These Machines Are Paramount To Achieving The Best Results In The Industry, Which We Take Pride In.


Q:- Is It Safe?

Ans:- Our Process Is Non-invasive, Painless And Poses No Health Hazards. Since It Does Not Involve Surgery, There Is No Need For An Anesthetic, A Hospital Stay Or Any Time Off From Work. There Is No Risk From Radiation Either. All It Uses Are Ultrasound Waves That Specifically Melt Fat, And A Unique Vacuum Process Which Helps Move That Fat Out Of The Body Quickly And Safely.


Q:- Can I Target More Than One Area (like The Thighs And Stomach)?

Ans:- For Optimum Results, We Normally Suggest Targeting One Area At A Time, Which Is Why Our 5 Or 10 Session Passes Allow You To Allocate Few Sessions In Each Area For Best Results. Although You Could Do 2 Areas In A One Hour Session, It Would Be Better To Book A Separate Session For Each Area.



Q:- Is My Privacy Respected?

Ans:- Absolutely. Your Personal Details And Sessions Are Kept Secure And Are Never Shared With Anyone. Our Team Of Professionals Is Extremely Discreet.