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How Does It Work At AASTHA’S We Used An Nd:YAG Q-Switched (AQS) Laser. We Only Operate Medical Grade Lasers And Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems, The Same Ones Used By The NHS. This Is The Single Most Effective Way Of Removing Tattoos Of Nearly All Colours.

The Laser Light Is Delivered In Nanoseconds Meaning A Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Will Literally Shatter The Pigment In The Skin, Breaking It Up In To Small Particles Which Are Then Eliminated By The Body’s Immune System.


Laser Tattoo Removal Using An Active Q-Switched (AQS) Laser Is Considered The Gold Standard Treatment By Dermatologists For Effectively Removing Almost All Tattoo Colours With Minimal Risk Of Scarring. An Active Q-Switched Tattoo Removal Laser Will, In Most Cases, Remove All Traces Of The Tattoo.

Because It Requires Several Treatments, It Is Also Possible To Fade A Tattoo If This Is The Desired Effect. Unless You Are Prone To Scarring Anyway (e.g. Keloid Scarring) There Is Very Little Risk Of Any Scarring If The Skin Is Allowed To Heal Properly And Aftercare Advice Is Followed.

Tattoo Removal

How Does The Laser Remove The Tattoo? Lasers Target Tattoos With A Very Specific Wavelength Of Light Energy – In Fact, A Separate Wavelength Is Needed For Each Ink Color. The Popular Q-Switched Lasers Use PhotoAcoustic Energy To Gently Penetrate The Skin And Target Tattoo Ink.

The Light Energy Gently Vibrates And Shatters The Tattoo Ink Into Micro-particles That Are Eventually Eliminated Through The Body’s Natural Processes. Because The Laser Delivers The Energy In A Very Precise ‘beam,’ Physicians And Nurses Can Trace The Design Without Damaging The Surrounding Skin.


How Many Laser Treatments Are Needed To Remove A Tattoo?
Laser Tattoo Removal Requires Several Sessions. On Average, Professional Tattoos Need 6 To 15 Treatments, While Amateur Tattoos Need Four To Five Treatments, Spaced Approximately Four To Eight Weeks Apart. The Number Of Treatments Depends On The Size Of The Tattoo, The Amount And Type Of Ink Used, And The Depth Of The Ink In The Skin. The Location Of The Tattoo Will Also Affect The Clearance Rate. Cost Varies According To Anatomical Region And Size

Will The Tattoo Completely Disappear?
After The First Treatments, You’ll Notice A Temporary Whitening Of The Treated Area. Over Time, The Tattoo Will Fade And The Skin Returns To Normal Color. Lasers Will Generally Eliminate About 95% Of The Tattoo.

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Can All Lasers Remove Colored Tattoos?

Most Lasers Have At Least Two Wavelengths To Target Dark (blue, Black) And Red Inks. Advanced Lasers With Four Wavelengths Can Target Most Multi-colored Tattoos, Including Dark Colors, Red, Orange, Green, Sky Blue And Yellow. Dark (blue, Black) And Red Inks Will Resolve The Best. Oranges And Purples Usually Fade As Well. Green, Sky Blue And Yellow Inks Are The Most Difficult To Remove, And Additional Treatments Are Needed To Produce Significant Fading.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The Q-Switched Lasers With PhotoAcoustic Energy Emit Light In Very Short Pulses. Patients Say The Pulses Of Light Feel Similar To Snaps Of Small Rubber Bands On The Skin, Followed By A Feeling Of Warmth. Because The Tattoo Ink Absorbs The Laser Energy, Some Patients May Feel Mild Discomfort As The Nurse Traces The Design. The Skin Is Cooled First With Ice Or Or Cold Air. Topical Anaesthetic Creams Can Also Be Used.

What Type Of Post-treatment Care Is Necessary?

An Ointment And Dressing Will Be Applied Immediately After Treatment And The Area Must Be Kept Clean. Follow The Post Treatment Instructions Provided To You. You Can Take A Shower The Next Day, Although The Treated Area Should Never Be Scrubbed. If A Scab Forms It Is Important That You Do Not Pick Or Scratch It.

At AASTHA’S We Offer Laser Tattoo Removal Using An Nd:YAG Q-Switched (AQS) Laser. We Only Operate Medical Grade Lasers And Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems, The Same Ones Used By The NHS.