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VIRTUAL PRP (for Skin & Hair)
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  • Introduction

What Is PRP?

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Is A Treatment  In  Which A Person's Own Blood Is Used Then About 15ml Of The Sample (blood) Is Taken From Your Arm. That Sample Is Transferred To A Special Tube And Centrifuge Is Done In A Machine.and Plasma Is Taken From That,.When Plazma  Is Insert  Into The Damaged Area Of Skin With Syringe It Causes A Mild Inflammation. General Anesthesia Is Required.


What Is Virtual PRP & How Its Work?

Virtual PRP (An Advance And Revolutionery Way Over Worldwide For Skin & Hair Treatments Without Injecting) Is A Advance Version Of PRP Treatment This Is Revolutionery Therapy For The Skin & Hair Treatments Of Wrinkles Or Scars & Improve Tone Of Skin, Hands, And Neck Researched By Dr.V .K.Bindra ( The Pponeer Of Different Techniques In The Field Of Skin Hair& Aesthetic Treatments). This Is The Fusion Of Biodermabrasion + Oxygen+ EPT Technology..In This Treatment There Is No Need Of Any Injection During The Treatment. It Began In 2004 In Europe, Asia, Australia, And South America In Countries Such As The United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland And Argentina To Name A few Areas Typically Treated For Aesthetic Purposes And Skin Rejuvenation Include: Crinkling Skin Around The Eyes, Theeks And Midface, Neck, Jaw-line, Chest And Decolletage Back Of Hands And Arms, Lips And To Stimulate Hair Growth On Scalp. Almost All Skin Tones Show That Virtual PRP Is Safe Effective Because Your Own Enriched Plasma Is Used As The Platelets Organize In The Treatment Area They Release A Number Of Enzymes To Promote Healing And Tissue Responses Including Attracting Stem Cells And Growth Factors To Repair The Damaged Area. As A result New Collagen Begins To Develop On The Damage Area.


What Is The Benifit Of Virtual (No Needle) PRP?

along With The Benefit Of Using Your Own Tissue Therefore Virtually Eliminating Allergies, There Is The Added Intrigue Of mobilizing Your Own Stem Cells For Your Benefit. Virtual PRP Has Been Shown To Have Overall Rejuvenating Effects On The Skin Including: Improving Skin Texture, Thickness, Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Increasing Volume Via The Increased Production Of Collagen And Elastin, And By Diminishing And Improving The Appearance Of Scars. The Most Dramatic Results have Been The Crepey Skin Problems In Areas Such As Under The Eyes, Neck And Decolletage. It Is Not Designed To Replace Cosmetic Surgery As There Are Some Cases Where Those Procedures Would Be more Appropriate.Other Benefits Include: No Down Time, Safe With No Risk, Short Recovery Time, Natural looking Results; No General Anesthesia Is Required. It Gives Skin & Hair A Dramatic Change In Significant Way.


Who Is A Better Candidate For This Therapy - Man Or Women?

It Is Equally Effective In Both Men And Women.


Is The Treatment Painful?

No There Is No Need Of Injection During Treatment. So This Is Totally Painfree Treatment.


Any Side-effects Of Virtual PRP Treatment For Face?

PRP Therapy Is Safe And Natural Because The Procedure Concentrates The Cell From Your Own Blood Directly Back Into The Area Where It Is needed. Hence Is Not Rejected By Your Immune System And There Are Absolutely No Chance Of Getting Any Infection, Allergy Or Hypersensitivity. However, One Can Get Mild Redness, Bruising Or Headache Which Is Usually Self-limiting And Responds Very Well To Routine Analgesics.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

VIRTUAL PRP Therapy Is A lunch Time Procedure And It Takes Around 45 Minutes To One One Hour For The Procedure And You Can Go Back To Your Work Place Immediately After It.


Can I Wash My Face After The Treatment And After How Much Time?

You Can Wash Your Face After 6 Hours Of Virtual PRP Therapy With Mild Soap And Water.


What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

You Can Expect More Youthful Look In Terms Of Skin Tightening Effect And Glow On Your Skin While Wrinkles And Under Eye Circles Will Be Taken Care Of to a Great Extent.


How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Virtual PRP Therapy Can Be Repeated Every 21 Days And Usually 4-5 Sittings Are Sufficient, Though Some Patient May Require Maintenance Therapy Once A Year Or More Frequently Depending Upon The Care And Condition Of Their Skin. After Approximately 3 Weeks, You Will Start Noticing The Improvement In Texture And Complexion Of Your Skin; Wrinkles Start Disappearing, Scars And Pores Are Tightened And Dark Under Eye Circles Are Brightened.


Any Precautions?

Nothing Such Expect Not To Touch Or Scratch The Face For 6 Hours After The Procedure. And Try Keeping Yourself Away From The Dusty And Polluted Environment For A Day.

Virtual PRP For Hairfalling



How VPRP Therapy Simple And Natural Way To Reduce Hairfall?

Hairfall Is A Big Concern For All Of Us. The Stress, Pollution Nutrition- Deficient Food, Constsnt Wear And Tear Of Hair , Hair Products And Styling Are The Common Factors Causing Hairfall.


What Is The Reason Of Hair Fall In Men ?

1. High Dihydrotestosterone

harmone Level In Blood.

2. Aging

3. Irregular Sleeping Habits

4. Use Of Steroids

for Bodybuilding

5. Extreme Sickness

6. Physical & Mental Stress


What Is The Reason Of Hair Fall In Women?


2. Aging

3. Irregular Sleeping Habits

4. Pregnancy

5. Harmonal Imbalance

6. Physical & Mental Stress