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Warts Removal

Wart Removal With The Laser Is A Breeze. Laser Treatment Does Not Cause The Discomfort Often Associated With Freezing, Cutting And Acid Removal Of Warts. The Pulsed Laser Removes The Wart Layer By Layer. Laser Treatment Is Safe For Adults And Children. Most Warts Are Permanently Removed After One Treatment. Approximately 20% Of Warts Will Need A Second Treatment, And 10% Will Need A Third Treatment.

A Local Growth Of The Outer Layer Of Skin (the Epidermics) Caused By A Virus. The Virus Of Warts (a Papillomavirous) Is Transmitted By Contact. The Contact Can Be With A Wart On Someone Else Or One On Oneself (autoinoculation). Warts That Occur On The Hands Or Top Of The Feet Are Called “common Warts”. A Wart On The Sole (the Plantar Surface) Of The Foot Is A Plantar Wart (and Can Be Quite Painful). Genital (venereal Warts Are Located On The Genitals And Are Transmitted By Sexual Contact; The Are A From Of STD (sexually Transmitted Disease).

What Results Can I Expect?

The Pulsed Laser Provides New Hope For The Removal Of A Wide Range Of Warts That Are Resistant To Traditional Therapies, Without Presenting A High Risk Of Scarring. Typically, More Than Two Thirds Of Warts Caused By Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Can Be Cleared Using Dermal Pulsed Laser Therapy. Treatment Include Fingers, Finger Nails, Face And Feet.

What Happens After Treatment? Immediately After Laser Exposure, The Treated Area Turn A Bit Bluish And Swells Slightly. Over The Next Several Days, The Area Will Heal And The Skin Texture And Tone Will Return To Normal.

Is It Safe?

Does The Procedure Hurt? To Remove The Wart, The Laser Energy Is Focused Directly On The Wart Tissue. The Majority Of Laser Light Bypasses The Upper Layers (“epidermic”) Of The Skin, And Concentrates On The Tiny Blood Vessels That Feed The Wart Near The “dermis” Of The Skin. You May Feel A Slight Stinging Sensation During The Laser Treatment, Similar To Bacon Grease Sprinkled Onto Your Skin. Also, If Needed, Topical Or Local Anesthesia Can Be Administered, But This Is Usually Not Necessary.

Is It Safe? At Aastha’s We Used Dermal Pulsed Laser Which Is Approved By The FDA For The Use On Children; It Has Been Used Successfully For Thousands Of Treatment Worldwide. Because Only Light Interacts With Your Skin, There Is No Risk Of A Reaction From Chemical Agents. Compared To Other Treatment Alternatives, The Risk Of Scarring With The Pulsed Laser Is All But Absent.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending On The Number Of Warts, As Well As Their Size And Location, A Typical Treatment Session Runs From 10 To 30 Minutes. The Number Of Typical Treatments Required Varies

From Case To Case. Simple Warts May Require Only One O Two Treatments, While Deeper Or More Resistant Warts May Require Additional Treatment Sessions. We Will Discuss How Many Treatments Your Particular Case May Involve.

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